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Til my last day, I'll be loving you...
I like Carrie Underwood, Andy Murray, Maria Kirilenko and Jessica Chastian.
I love listening to country music and watching movies.
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It Must Be Love: US Open Champion Moments


It Must Be Love: US Open Funny Moments

"It’s tough because, to be honest, they were envisioned as Him and Her — the idea of the male perspective and the female perspective. But, you know, in thinking about it, it’s like, okay, Olivier Assayas made a great film called Carlos that’s five hours long, and that’s the one I saw. There’s also a two-hour version of it that’s also really good, and most Americans saw the two-hour version. [Laughs] So it’s a situation like that. We saw the choices. The audience will be given the opportunity. They can see Him and Her, or they can see Them.” - Jessica Chastain on The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

Priscilla Parker/Carrie Underwood in Somethin’ Bad